White Kitchen Cabinets

White is a popular color, and it has been perceived to be one of the finest colors that exist. With an exquisite feel of luxury attached to the color, it has gained a significant place in our heart. As for many homeowners, white kitchen cabinets have become their go-to color. These white kitchen cabinets have earned massive popularity recently, and the demand for the white cabinets have risen continually.

Why such popularity?

In the early 20th century, people were looking for different ways to enhance their lifestyles. This has caused a worldwide search for different fashion and style, which led to the introduction of white kitchen cabinets. At that time, kitchen cabinets were already very rare and the white cabinets kitchen were considered to be a luxury.

Today, white kitchen cabinets have retained the popularity. Many homeowners prefer the white kitchen cabinets; even though the white colors attract a lot of dust and get dirty very easily! Why so? Let’s find out!

Human psychology

Humans perceive white with happiness, satisfaction, and luxury. This is the prime reason why the White House is actually white in color. If you look around your neighborhood, you’ll see plentiful of white infrastructure. For homeowners, white kitchen cabinets often symbolize a more airy and spacious enclosure.

This light color also gives a sense of pristine beauty, while darker colors are considered to be less desirable by many.

Easier to clean

Well, white kitchen cabinets get dirty very easily. However, the cabinets have an advantage as well. You can easily clean the dirt off, which means that you’re actually keeping the cabinets clean instead of making them ‘look’ clean!

Top 5 popular white kitchen cabinet ideas

So far we’ve seen why white kitchen cabinets are so popular. Now, what if you want such white kitchen cabinets at your home? There are hundreds of different styles and designs to choose from, each having distinguished characteristics and elegant features. To facilitate your decision making, we’ve selected the top 5 popular white kitchen cabinet ideas that you can choose from. Let’s now go through the list.

Completely white surroundings

Completely white surroundingsIf you’re a true fan of white kitchen cabinets, this idea will be ideal for you. Apart from just the white cabinets, you can essentially color the entire kitchen with this majestic white. This will transform your pale kitchen into something extraordinary; this is enough to make your guests go awe!

Showcasing your collections

Apart from just painting kitchen cabinets white, you can also add glass in order to showcase your collection of books or utensils. It’s very easy and quite inexpensive. Such designs will enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen as a whole while adding to the beauty of the kitchen cabinets.

Integrating appliances

For homes having less space, adding white kitchen cabinets can be much of a pain. To deal with this, homeowners may integrate appliances with their off-white kitchen cabinets. This will save space and will ensure that your kitchen cabinets perform more than what they’d normally do. In addition to that, the cabinets look sleek and modern!

Futuristic touch

If you’re someone who just loves futuristic designs, then transforming your kitchen cabinets (and kitchen as a whole) into something like this can be an ideal choice. Just minimalistic design and ergonomic approach are what you need – and you can too create wonder with your kitchen cabinets.

If you’re not sure how to make these white kitchen cabinets, you can surely purchase the white shaker kitchen cabinets. These are inexpensive, yet gorgeous cabinets with a futuristic touch.

Distressed cabinets

distressed cabinetsIf you want antique white kitchen cabinets, you can try to distress the cabinets to make them look antique. This style was popular back in the 1950s and is still popular to many homeowners. These distressed white kitchen cabinets give a feel of tranquility and uniqueness while keeping the vibes of the old days!


White kitchen cabinets have always been very popular choices for many homeowners. The white cabinets are considered to be linked to happiness, satisfaction, and luxury. This has led to the increased demand for such white kitchen cabinets.

If you’re a homeowner and want such gorgeous white kitchen cabinets, you can surely consider the list of the top 5 white kitchen cabinet ideas. Ranging from completely coloring your kitchen white, creating a showcase, integrating appliances, futuristic look and giving a distressed look – you can try them out to personalize your cooking space. Implementing these white kitchen cabinets ideas into your homes will transform your cooking space into something that would amaze you and the visitors to your home!

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