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In the US, 70s adults and kids have been pulling BMX tricks, jumping, and racing since the craze of BMX swept in. BMX bikes nowadays are widely popular as they are specially designed to ride tough tracks. Well, if you’re about to choose a BMX bike for you or someone else, you have to take some vital considerations into account. 

No fear! We’ll make this daunting task easier for you and guide you to know what is a good beginner BMX bike. In fact, good means the feature and model is right for you.

After reading the whole article, you’ll be able to pick the good one considering the material, your skill level, style, and more. Scroll the page down!

What Is a Good Beginner BMX Bike: Expert’s Giveaways!


BMX bike frames come with different materials that have various pros and cons. The higher the metal quality, the higher the price is. The most common materials are:


High-tensile steel is the most durable metal considered. Although this material is heavier, this is affordable which is a great plus to start.


Carbon isn’t a common material in BMX bikes as it isn’t as affordable as the other materials. But it is to state that the carbon provides a great vibration damping, strength, and durability.


Racing and flying are easy with this lightweight material but this is considered less durable that is unable to take the beating.


The best all-round frames, bars, and forks are made of Chromoly as this material is lightweight but strong. As a beginner, our recommendation is to go with Chromoly.

Size & Parts

Top Tube

To avoid the nagging discomfort and potential injury, choosing the right size of the bike is vital. Our recommendation for beginners is to find the right top tube length to ensure enough space between shoulder bars and the seat. The size actually depends on your body height. Choose top tubes according to your height. 

Follow the chart below to determine your need. 

Bmx bike size

Wheel Size

Ensure the right wheel size for your BMX bike considering the style you want to ride and your body. Cruiser bikes have larger wheels than the freestyle bikes.

BMX Wheel Size

Here’s the size chart for different BMX bikes.


There are two types of bearings are used in  BMX bikes: sealed and unsealed. Sealed ones are the most common but equipped with a protective seal to avoid moisture getting in and destroying them. On the other hand, unsealed bearings are cheaper, prone to damage, and demand more maintenance. So, as a beginner, have a hassle-free ride all year long by choosing the sealed bearings in the wheels. 


It’s been a technical task to choose the right BMX parts. You need to investigate the nitty-gritty of the parts like sprockets. 

For beginners, a 45-tooth sprocket to 25- or 28-tooth sprocket is ideal recommended by the industry experts. Our recommendation is to go with a reputable brand to get the right one

Know Your Style

Before finding a good BMX bike, determine what style you want to ride. There is a wide array of distinct riding styles in BMX biking that require unique parts, materials, and frame geometry. Some of the BMX bikes come providing various styles. 

Well, here are some styles you’re searching BMX bikes for-


Searching a BMX bike for racing on an undulating terrain? Go for race bikes that feature a narrower geometry and comes with light materials. Remember this type of bikes is not eligible for any other riding styles but we’re not going to stop you try.


Park riding is done in skateparks. In fact, skateparks are seized by the BMX riders known as “Ramps”.


The thing I enjoy most about BMX riding styles is the flatland. It’s all about riding on smooth surfaces with great skills of balance. Just like dancing. This style is considered as the purest form of BMX riding.


In street riding styles, riders use the urban infrastructures as a playground. Personally, street riding is one of my favorite sports. Street riding requires perfect balance and lightweight materials.

Consider Your Skill Level

It’s not a crime to be a noob. So, you need to be honest about your experience level before purchasing a BMX bike. Investing dollars on a pro-model bike without being that much expert is something like throwing money in the water. If you’re riding for years, you may invest for that but for beginners, choosing a bike with starter features is recommended.

Fit Your Budget 

Knowing your budget is another important considering factor in choosing the right BMX for you. Falling in love with a $1500 bike that you can’t afford is not any good idea. The market is full of excellent and affordable bikes. From pro to starter, you’ll find one within your budget range. Also, don’t go for a bike that is not suitable for saving a few bucks. Maximize your budget to get a good BMX bike.

Additional Tips & Warnings

  • Before purchasing a BMX bike, go for a test drive to check if everything is perfect.
  • If you, re one of them who uses BMX for longer rides, choose a classy all-round bike.
  • Jump bikes should not be chosen for park riding as their thick & wide tires are not suitable.
  • Do not forget to use safety equipment as BMX riding is a risky sport. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has given you a clear idea of what a beginner BMX bike is and the expert-backed tips will help make your purchase easier. If you still feel hesitant, take help from the experts before investing money. Happy riding!

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