Ripstik Tricks for Beginners

Ripstik is a kind of caster board. It looks similar to a skateboard but they are different from each other. Ripstiks are designed with two wheels unlike a skateboard which has four wheels. Ripstiks come with two decks that are joined together by a metal beam. These two decks are completely independent so you can move the both differently. This is the feature which makes a ripstik different from a skateboard. You can ride your skateboard at parks, skateparks, roads and even in snow in winter!

There are so many brands manufacturing quality ripstiks such as Razor, Urban riders, whiptide, street surfing and many more. They make normal, electric, mini and many other types of ripstiks. If you need to buy a ripstik or for your kids then you have to get some idea on it before you invest your money on a wrong ripstik.

If you already have bought a ripstik to enjoy your vacation then you must be wondering how you can learn riding it properly. You have to learn some tricks to learn riding it like a pro. Here in this article I’ll share some tricks from my own experience. Let’s jump right in..

Trick 1: Manual

This is the basic way to ride a ripstik. If you are Beginner then this is the first trick you need to learn. To learn manual ripstik riding, get on the ripstik board with only your front foot. Keep your foot as close to the edge as possible. Keep your body balanced by using your arms. Now start riding it slowly and put on your back foot at the end of the ripstik. Put your weight on the front foot. When you are putting your weight on the front foot, it will make the back of your ripstik rise.

Be careful of falling down.

Trick 2: Ollie

This is a very popular skateboard ride but you can easily perform this with a ripstik too. This trick allows you to jump along with the ripstik which is a lot of fun to do. Firstly, Put your back foot on the board, take your front foot near to the front side of the board. Now push your back foot by putting all your weight on it. This will make the ripstik to jump. Allow your front foot to jump with the board. Shift all your weight to the front foot.

Trick 3: Flip Start

This is a beginner friendly trick as it doesn’t need much to learn. Put the ripstik upside down to the road. If the ripstik is positioned vertically then you should stand close to the ripstik horizontally.

Keep both your feet down the ripstik. Now jump with the ripstik on your feet this will make the ripstik stand on its wheels and you get your feet on the ripstik and start riding it in manual.

Trick 4: Riding Up And Down A Curb

Learning this trick will allow you to ride the ripstik over a curb. You are riding on a ripstik and suddenly you have a curb on your way, ride till the curb manually then put your weight on your back foot. This will make the front deck jump and get on the curb. Now shift your weight on the front foot to help the back deck to pass the curb.

Trick 5: Hang 10

Hang 10 is a beginner friendly trick as it’s very easy to perform. Ride your ripstik with a little speed, Push your front foot to the front edge of the ripstick. Don’t go too close to the edge as this might cause you to fall. Now slowly move your back foot right behind the front foot at the front deck. Keep your body balanced with the help of your arms. This will help you from falling.

Trick 6: Stop The Ripstick

If you are a beginner and you are about to start your ride without knowing how to stop or put a break then you will definitely face big trouble. It is a very important trick to learn. Slow the board down to a walking pace then hop off the board and keep walking a few steps. The ripstik will stop on its own. Make sure the area is flat and clean to avoid any injury. Keep on practicing to master these tricks.

Riding a ripstik can be very dangerous, especially for beginners. Don’t forget to use protective gear, skating helmet, gloves and shoes while riding on a ripstik. This will save you from injuries.

Make sure you are below 220 pounds in weight. If your kids are learning to ride ripstik, don’t leave them alone with the board and make sure to use protective equipment.

Don’t try learning difficult stunts at the beginning. Learn simple tricks which will help you gain confidence and learn to balance your body.

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