Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the important focal points of any home. The time comes when the kitchen fails to fulfill our needs and becomes too congested. It is the time when you need kitchen remodeling.

Of course, a kitchen remodel is a big project. Proper planning and budget needed to be considered to perform it quickly and easily. In this article, I will discuss the signs to remodel your kitchen, budget and different remodeling ideas along with tips and advice. Read below to learn more about kitchen remodeling.

Signs Showing That Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling

Every kitchen needs to remodel after a certain period. Our kitchen works increases, and we need more stuff to fit in the kitchen. But, our kitchen does get better over time unless we remodel it for the sake of our comfort and flexibility. So, when do you need to remodel your kitchen? What are the parameters to look for? If you find below-mentioned parameters while working on the kitchen, it is time to consider remodeling your kitchen.

  • Your Kitchen Has Become Too Dirty and Congested That You Hate To Work There
  • Your Kitchen Design Is Outdated, and It Is Inefficient To Work There
  • Outdated and Old Kitchen Appliances Are Killing Your Electric Bill
  • You Are Severely In Short in Counter and Storage Space
  • You Have A Lot Of Wasted Space And You Do Not Know What To Do With It
  • Inefficient Floor Plan and Very Poor Ventilation

These are signs you should look for. If you find any of these, it is time to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Whether you are doing an overhaul to improve the functionality and its flow or fitting a new cabinet, it needs some time to learn how much actually its costs to remodel your kitchen. Here are a few factors that determine the kitchen remodel cost. Follow the article to have a basic idea about how much it can cost to remodel a kitchen.

An Average Cost for Remodeling a Kitchen

Kitchen remodel cost depends on its size, space, number of equipment and the design you are going to follow. For example, it costs much more if you want to completely remodel your kitchen rather than just replacing a cabinet and adding a few cupboards. So, how much it generally costs to remodel a kitchen?

According to HomeAdvisor, in general, most of the homeowners spend 12,594 USD to 33,118 USD to remodel a kitchen. So, the average cost of kitchen remodeling is 21,751 USD. However, if it is a small kitchen and it needs few things to change and add it may take as little as 4,000 USD to remodel it. On the other hand, if you are taking a lavish project to remodel your big kitchen, it might take 50,000 USD.

Breaking Down Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Determining the costs and breaking it down helps to go for a higher quality of kitchen remodeling. You might be able to consider a better design and choose materials what suits when you know every detail of your kitchen remodel cost. According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, when you are completely remodeling your kitchen you should consider the costing as mentioned below;

Design Fees4%
Appliances and ventilation14%
Doors and windows4%
Walls and ceilings5%
Cabinetry and hardware29%

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen performs as a heart of a home. We prepare, cook, gather and sometimes eat foods we need to survive in a kitchen. For this reason, remodeling your kitchen requires more profound attention.

When you have completed your plan and budget, it is time to choose a design and execute the plan. Based on your kitchen type and size kitchen remodel ideas may vary. Read below to find more;

Normal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

For a normal and average sized kitchen, it is not hard to choose what you require and what you don’t. Find the below remodeling ideas and choose what suits you the best.

Make A Splash With Backsplash

Make a splash with backsplashBefore making a change to the kitchen material, make a splash on the kitchen wall. Updating the kitchen with tile backsplash make it visually appealing and long-lasting design choice. If you are going to subway tile, you can make your own design pattern for your creativity to shine.

Paint Old Cabinets

While remodeling your kitchen, you might want to change your old cabinets. However, a kitchen remodel is a costly project, and you should keep your old one if it is entirely useful and properly functioning. Do not worry; you can still make it looks like new by painting it. For sophisticated and clean look consider a bright shade of white or a natural tone.

Consider Open Shelves Instead Of Upper Cabinets

The best way to make an average sized kitchen feel larger, is to use open shelves instead of upper cabinets. Consider the standard height while installing shelves. You can fit two or more racks in a row. However, for greater accessibility, it is best to install the lower shelf about 18 inches above the counter.

Go For New Countertop

Go for new countertopYou have no idea how much a countertop can change the look of your kitchen. Choosing a sleek granite countertop can beautify your kitchen making it the focal point of the entire kitchen. If you are willing to go for an expensive granite countertop, chose wooden ones. Those are affordable yet long lasting and excellent to look at.

Replace and Upgrade Appliances

Replace and upgrade appliancesThrough away or make a change of your appliances those you never use. Then, it comes the replacing and upgrading part. Change those appliances which are inefficient to use and somewhat unusable. While buying new tools, go for new designed energy efficient ones. For example, you can purchase energy star certified microwave, refrigerator, and water saving dishwasher.

For an average sized kitchen use these ideas to remodel into a perfect, well-furnished kitchen that will fulfill all of your needs.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you have limited space, it is tough to decide what to put and what remove. Remodeling a small kitchen is more challenging for this reason. However, there are benefits also. The small kitchen takes less time to renovate. You need fewer appliances for your small kitchen which reduces the overall remodeling cost. Of course, you still need a plan, design, and budget to perfectly remodel your small kitchen. For different small kitchen remodeling ideas read below;

Keep It Well Ventilated And Lighted

Keep it well ventilated and LightedThe first thing to make it right for a small kitchen is to make enough space for ventilation and light. Most of us do not like to add ventilation or windows in a small kitchen to save the space. This is a great mistake. We work better where there are enough light and air, especially if it is a small kitchen. Moreover, light and air will make the kitchen feel spacious instead feeling congested.

Store Things up High on the Cabinets

Store Things up high on the cabinetsRun out of space for storage? It is a pretty typical scenario for most of the small kitchen. If you have space between the ceiling and cabinets, you have got your storage space. Put a wicker basket on top of the cabinet. Now you can put lesser-used tools there.

Make A Subway Tile

Make a Subway tileFor a small kitchen make a subway tile to use it all the around. The reason behind making subway tile is that you will have space to move freely and it also provides the feeling of a more extensive space.

Shrink The Size Of The Sink

Shrink the size of the sinkMost of us are accustomed to 12 feet long counter/sink design. This popular kitchen design for countertop and sinks is not always the best option especially if it is a small kitchen.

For a small kitchen, it is wise to free up the sin and use other parts of countertop for food preparation. In a small kitchen, it is important to use every bit of space if you want to have the comfort of using all of your equipment.

Make Space By Minimizing Elements

Make Space By Minimizing ElementsIt is often found that there are a lot of kitchen elements that are never used or only used for a few times. When there is limited space, and you need more space for the necessary items, it is a good idea to minimize kitchen elements by removing those elements you never use. Instead of standard components, you can also choose freestanding furniture to keep the mess up to a minimum.

These are the perfect ideas if you are going to remodel your small kitchen to have a fresh and comfortable working environment.

Large Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There are always spaces for new equipment to put in a large kitchen. There are also a lot of cluttered items which need to be well organized. Follow these ideas to make perfect a perfect remodel of your large kitchen.

Add A New Kitchen Island

Add a new kitchen islandIf you have money and if your kitchen is a large one, it is best to place a kitchen island in a side or middle of your kitchen. Nowadays, a kitchen island is not only used for dining to dish storage but also for comfy seating, a place for easting and can serve as a coffee table as well. So, adding a functioning kitchen island can make things much easier for a while providing a beautiful look.

Make A Change On Flooring

Make a change on FlooringIf you are up to the change of your entire kitchen, it is time to consider changing the flooring of your kitchen. There are a lot of choices to select one. It is wise to choose the flooring that is easy to clean and durable. Vinyl and ceramic can be ideal choice while choosing the flooring material. You will have a lot of styles and designed to select from. Even there is a wood looking vinyl or glazed ceramic tile available if you are into hardwood material.

Organize Strategically

Organize StrategicallyIf you are adding new appliances to your large kitchen, you might get confused where to put them to make everything looks good. For a large kitchen, it seems everything is scattered and it is hard to find a tool when you need it. Things will always get messy unless you organize them strategically. So, while placing new appliances for your kitchen choose the best strategy to make your large kitchen well organized. For example, it is wise to select a slim-line refrigerator and push it by the side of the counter.

An unorganized, kitchen also looks cluttered. Arrange the mugs and bowls by size and colors to make it look functional and cohesive.

Focus On Small Details

Focus on small detailsCooking is an art, and it requires inspiration to do the perfect cooking. While remodeling your kitchen, do not forget to focus on small details. Decorate your shelves in a creative way that would reflect your personality. Use open shelves to showcase decorative glassware, bottles. Also, use hooks to hang mugs and cups. A well decorative kitchen always gets the/ brings best of you making your cooking delicious and hygiene.

Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

It is not any easier task to remodel a galley kitchen. For different galley kitchen remodel ideas read below;

Make a U-shaped Galley Kitchen

Make a U-Turn Galley KitchenThe u-shaped design of a galley kitchen has got all the advantage of light and its ceiling height. You can use close shelves or open shelves to decorate the upper part of your galley kitchen. A window beside the sink provides the outdoor. The white painted cabinets, open ceiling, and glass front offer the feeling of open space and comfort.

Opt for Open Shelves

Opt for Open ShelvesOpen shelves are now becoming more popular because of their usefulness. If you are remodeling your galley kitchen, it is wise to choose open shelving instead of closed shelving. It makes it easier to find and have what you look for, and it visually expands the space. If you close the cabinets of a closed shelf, it makes space feel smaller.

Keep A Large Trash Bowl

If you are unable to put a trash-bin near the cooking space of your galley kitchen, use a large bowl to put all the trash, scraps and rubbish. While cooking, you will be able through away all the paper towels, onion skins and anything else in it. It can also work as a moving smaller size trash bin perfect for your small sized galley kitchen.

Rolling Carts Can Be A Charm

Rolling Carts can be a charmWhile remodeling your galley kitchen, make a budget for rolling karts. Rolling karts are great for designing a modular galley kitchen. Small to medium-sized rolling kart can be ideal for a medium-sized galley kitchen. If you have overwhelmed with other elements and unable store certain things like pans and pots, you can easily store them in the rolling karts. The main reason behind the use of the rolling karts is that you can always move them out of the kitchen when you will not use them making the space available for other works. You can always keep them nearby when you start using them, no matter where you stand.

Keep The Elements On The Wall

Keep the elements on the wallAlthough it is hard to preserve the countertop space in a galley kitchen, still it is wise and highly useful if you consider remodeling your kitchen. It will simplify your cooking process making it easier to get things which need most. Stuff like tongs, spoons and other commonly-used items can be hung on the wall so that you can get quick access when you need them.

These are the galley kitchen remodel ideas you can consider while remodeling your galley kitchen. However, do not forget to consider the space size while remodeling a galley kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Checklist

If it is the first time you are remodeling your kitchen, it can be a daunting task for you. To remodel the kitchen more perfectly and quickly, you need the kitchen to remodel checklist. This checklist will help you understand what you need and how much you are going to spend on remodeling your kitchen. So, what are the checklists when you are going to fulfill remodeled kitchen ideas?

  • Determine Your Budget
  • Choose Remodeling Season
  • Make a Perfect Schedule before Going for Remodeling Your Kitchen
  • Determine the Kitchen Elements Based On the Available Space
  • Determine a Space for a Temporary Kitchen
  • Prepare a Storage Space before Ordering Kitchen Equipment
  • Determine the Color, Style and Overall Design

These are the checklist you should check before starting remodeling your kitchen. Making and following a list guarantees that, you are tracking everything in order and maintaining the right procedure.

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen remodeling is a very daunting project. There are a lot of facts you may overlook which might cause a severe problem in the future. To avoid mistakes here are few tips and advice so that you can have a perfect remodeled kitchen for long time use.

Make The Costing Precise

Do not overspend or underspend. Keep the things that need to be there in your checklist. While overspending, you might get the equipment you are never going to use. Similarly, if you do not buy the equipment that you need to save some cash, you might feel while working in your kitchen.

Keep The Plumbing Where It Stays

Moving the plumbing like water and gas line can be highly costly especially if you are living in an old house. Keeping the pipe in the previous place can save you a lot of cash which you can invest for the appliance you wanted to have.

Check the floor plan before finalizing it

If you have the budget, make the floor plan that suits best for you. While making the floor plan consider the material that is water resistant, easy to clean and durable. Instead of wood flooring, go for vinyl or tiles.

Do Not Trash Old Cabinets

If your old cabinets are working just fine, it is unwise to trash them. Among kitchen elements, cabinets are highly priced. So keeping the old functional cabinets is essential to keep the budget to a minimum. However, repaint it before using it again. Now, you will have newly looked cabinets for your remodeled kitchen.

Do Hesitate To Make Budget for Fixtures and Sinks

Fixtures and sinks are those things mostly used. You might want to keep the old ones while remodeling your kitchen. However, the fact here is that you cannot paint them to make them look new and it costs only 50 USD to 75 USD if you want to get one. So, buying a new set of fixtures and sinks are always a good choice to make your kitchen looks lovely and refreshed.

Do Not Forget To Look For New and Improved Appliances

There are new and improved appliances that have been manufactured now and then. So if you are going to buy a new kitchen appliance, choose the one which offers the latest feature and service. For example, purchasing a refrigerator that comes with inverter technology can save up to 30 to 50 percent of electricity compared to the regular fridge.


Kitchen remodel is defiantly a daunting project, and you need every step to be followed to make it perfect. Starting from costing to design every part is required to be considered wisely so that you will have a kitchen where you will love to work.

Reading this article can help you understand the parameters that needed to be followed and provides you with some excellent design ideas to choose from. If you think you need information, please write us back.

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