kitchen island size guidelines

A better way to increase the counter and storage space of your kitchen is adding a kitchen island. Install the right one to give your cluttered and unorganized kitchen space a lovely vibe.

But sometimes islands may not work in your kitchen because of the space factor. The right dimension can lead you to get the best output from your kitchen island.

For the kitchen island size guideline and what facts should you consider when installing one in your kitchen, read the whole article carefully.

Kitchen Island Size Guidelines: Facts To Consider

1.Size Of The Kitchen

Average kitchen dimension is approximately 80*40 inches including a clearance of 36 to 42 inches. The average height of your island must be 36 inches or up to 42 inches if used for dining purposes.

Remember- the measurement depends on the standard size kitchens. So the size of your kitchen should be big enough.

Nothing is unsafe, cramped, and awkward than a bid island in a small kitchen. The size of typical kitchen island is 40*40 inches which will look odd in a small kitchen.

We suggest you install a peninsula instead of an island if your kitchen has a width less than 13 feet. You won’t have extra clearance space in this way.

2.Determine Your Clearance Zone

The most important factor in determining the clearance zone is the number of people who are going to use the space. But the first step is to know the size of the kitchen.

The average width of your clearance zone will be approximately 3 feet to move safely and freely across the kitchen

The level of safety depends on the perfect amount of clearance. Check if the doors, drawers, and ovens can be opened without hassle.

Remember- You can hurt yourself if there is not enough space in there to open the doors. Try to keep at least 3 feet between fully extended drawers.

3.Shape Of The Kitchen

Rectangular shape is the most common shape for a kitchen to install an island because of its simplicity and versatility.

U-shaped, I-shaped, T-shaped, or curved islands are unique in modern kitchens.

Unique shaped kitchen islands can increase your kitchen’s decoration by combining the dining area and the cooking area.

So, you can give time to your guests and kids when you cook or wash the dishes.

4.How Many Seats At The Island

A common feature you should consider before your kitchen island design is bar stool seating space.

The common rule is 60cm to go by per person that allows you to sit comfortably with enough elbow room and ensures enough space between you and the person next to you.

You can go by 50cm or a little less if the stools are to be used by children.

Now the time is for doing math. If you want 3 stools, your island length should be around 60cm*3= 1.8m.

For a small kitchen with less space for required stools, make the overhang L-shaped so that the two sides of the island can be used.

By this way, you won’t need a 1.8m long island.

5.Size For A Prep Sink

Prep sinks are also known as bar sinks used for making food preparation easier and cleanup more convenient.

These are great for your small kitchen where every inch of space is important.

The measurement of a prep sink is around 15-25”long, 15’wide, and 5-6” deep and made of stainless steel or copper.

6.Opt For Openness

We advise you to install open shelves to display your cozy dishware. This doesn’t require huge materials. You can do this with less labour and at low cost.

7.Plan A Multifunctional Kitchen Island

If you plan for your kitchen island from the outset for a multipurpose workstation, it can be extremely efficient.

Cubby storage, seating capacity, workspace, and gas stove can be the example of your island’s efficiency.

Accommodate your needs by considering the layout when you maximize the space.

8.Add Extras

Customize the island according to your needs by built-in mechanics like additional electrical outlets, flower vases, etc

9.Other Kitchen Island Tips

  • Islands can provide you extra storage under it by using two 24-inch back to back base cabinets.
  • Two-tiered kitchen can provide you multiple functions like- you can use the higher surface for eating and the lower level for preparing food.
  • An ideal island for cooking various items should have a second sink or stove.

10.Standard Dimensions

The kitchen island is the heart of your kitchen. So, for ensuring overall efficiency, your kitchen should be in standard dimension.

The average height of your kitchen island should be 36 inches if the main purpose is food preparing and cooking.

If you want to use the space for seating and eating food, we recommend you a 42 inches island height.

The width of a standard kitchen island should be 2 or 3 feet but you can go a little larger if you want more seating space or counter space.

You may need 7 feet more for a cooktop or a sink in your island.

The standard kitchen island depth should not be more than 2 feet. Make sure you left enough room on all sides. The standard floor space is 3 feet on the end of your island that allows you to move freely across the kitchen.


Nothing can be more frustrating and uncomfortable than an improperly sized, unplanned, and a disproportionate island.

Ensure maximum functionality and comfort to your cooking space by a well plan for dining, prep, and storage.

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