Kitchen Island Ideas

We’re always into decorating our homes to make it more aesthetically appealing and visually alluring. In our pursuit to get the perfect home, kitchen islands serve as a stepping stone for many housebuilders and designers. The designers are always in search of better and modern-looking kitchen island ideas that could enhance the looks and feel of the kitchen. This has led to a better use of the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency; the kitchen islands make the most out of the limited space!

Why choose the perfect kitchen islands?

Kitchen islands serve a variety of purposes – in addition to adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen, these add to the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency.

According to a research by National Association of Home Builders, it was found that more than 70% of house buyers wanted a kitchen island in their kitchen, and 50% of the people considered it to be a must-have. This proves the immense popularity of the kitchen islands.

But, why to choose the perfect kitchen island? Well, there are different ways in which you can approach this question – the kitchen islands take up a significant amount of the space, which explains why you should choose the perfect kitchen island to ensure the best use of your space.

Factors to consider

Now you might be wondering, which kitchen island ideas should you choose. Well, there are quite a few factors that you’ll have to consider before choosing the kitchen island ideas for your kitchen. Let’s look at the things you must consider:


The space you have is a very important factor. If you have a relatively small home, go for kitchen island ideas for small kitchens. If you have a larger kitchen, you should obviously opt for a better, advanced kitchen island.


Kitchen islands can serve different functionalities. For example, you can build kitchen islands with inbuilt appliances, or go for kitchen island ideas with seating. You can add racks, shelves, and many others to make your own personalized kitchen island!


There are quite a few decorations that you can add to your kitchen island. If you’re someone who loves the lighting, opt for kitchen island lighting ideas. If you love art, you can add an artistic countertop material and paintings to your kitchen island.

The top 10 kitchen island ideas

Up until now, we’ve discussed all the factors that you must consider when choosing your kitchen islands. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the top 10 kitchen island ideas that you can implement into your own kitchens.

Adding Bookshelves

Adding bookshelvesIf you’re a book lover or use too many cookbooks, adding bookshelves to your kitchen islands may be a very good idea. It doesn’t only store the books, it is an excellent way of displaying your collection. It surely is a unique way of storing and showcasing your collection of books!

Integrating Appliances

If you own a small house, you’ll want to maximize the utilization of your space. This is when integrating the appliances within your kitchen islands can help; they’re best small kitchen island ideas and these look great. Apart from maximizing the space utilization, integrating the appliances into your kitchen island will make it look more modern and futuristic. Who doesn’t want that? I surely do!

Extending seating space

For many homeowners, the maximization of house space is crucial when they think of installing a kitchen island. Extended seating space, big kitchen island, more space for walking and cooking – all of this can be achieved if you go for extended seating space in your kitchen island. To do this, you can keep the bottom of the kitchen space hollow; which can be used to store the stools. During supper time, you can pull them back to enjoy your meals. This will save space and give you a larger area for eating your meals.

Installing more levels

If you’re too much into making a mess during cooking and preparing your meals, adding more levels to your kitchen island may help. These levels look great, and you can essentially serve the food on the higher levels, hiding most of the mess you did on the lower level. This will also make it easy for you to clear off the clutter.

Pet’s Playhouse

Instead of having your pets play all around your home, you can easily set their space under your kitchen island. Integrating this space will create an excellent space for your pets, and will keep all the mess within the area. This will make it easier for your to clean the area.

Furniture-styled islands

The furniture-styled islands are another kitchen island ideas that you can implement into your kitchens. This particular kitchen island will enhance the aesthetics of your home to give it an antique feel. You can store a lot of things in the cabinets and drawers inside the island, which makes it an excellent choice.

Repurposing old furniture

If you truly want a kitchen island but can’t afford one, you can easily repurpose your old furniture to construct your own kitchen island with minimal cost. It looks unique, and you’ll not have to burn through your pockets to get it. It’s undoubtedly something that you should give a try!

Island on wheels

When saving space is your topmost priority, you can surely try the island on wheels. It’s a must-have for the small kitchen owners; you can get extra preparation space and tuck it towards the wall when it’s not needed!

Building a banquette

Socializing is a big part of our life, and it surely is very important. But what if you lack the space to hang out and have meals together? This is when you consider building a banquette with your kitchen island. This will let you use up your space efficiently, and you can enjoy the meals together without having to add another dining room.

Adding lighting

Adding lightingTo enhance your kitchen island’s beauty, you can add lighting and other electrical connections. This will let you connect all your modern appliances to be used in the kitchen. The lighting will also add to the aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing to the eye.


Kitchen islands are one of the popular trends in the 21st century. These modern, sleek designed islands can be personalized according to your preferences, space, and functionalities you want it to serve. This means that the kitchen islands are highly customizable.

If you want a kitchen island, you should at first consider your available space, functionality, and lighting you want to add. If you have a small kitchen, opt for integrating appliances, adding bookshelves or making the kitchen island mobile. This will let you maximize the utilization of your space. For bigger kitchens, you can add levels or a banquette to enhance the aesthetics and usability of your kitchen.

Apart from all these, there are many other ways in which personalize your kitchen islands. It all depends on the kitchen island ideas DIY you’re using and the space you have. By using the kitchen island ideas we’ve discussed above, you can, too, make your own perfect kitchen island for your home!

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