How To Use Hedge Trimmers

Hedges certainly require a bulk amount of care. You need to acknowledge when and how to trim hedges so they are attractively shaped all year around. Hedge trimmers are made for this purpose. Hedge trimmers are a gardening tool that makes mowing and pruning effortless. But make sure you use hedge trimmers the right way.

You should prune new hedges from its early stage. This will help you establish a beautiful shape and prevent any unhealthy growth. The hedges sides should slope inwards as this will allow the hedge to get enough sunshine.

There are many types of hedge trimmers that function exactly for the same intent. There are manual, electric, battery operated, petrol and gas hedge trimmers on the market. Nowadays, there are plenty of brands manufacturing new models of hedger every other day. No matter, which brand or model you are using make sure to follow these tricks to use a hedger like a pro!

Wear Protective Gear: Put on gloves, heavy long sleeve shirt, full pants, eye and ear protection. These will prevent you from getting cuts accidentally. Make sure your kids and pets are out of the garden.

Plan Your Hedge Design: Before you start pruning, you have to plan which design you want to shape your hedge with. Remember, without proper planning, you can’t have a dreamy garden look.

Lay Down A Tarpaulin On The Ground: You can lay down a tarpaulin so that mowing residue will fall on it. This will make the cleaning easier later on. Take it along with you while proceeding to the next plant.

Lubricate The Trimmer: Experts recommend to apply oil on the hedger blades before you start pruning. You can spray oil on the blades with a spray can or gently rub the blades with a piece of cloth and a few drops of oil. If there’s any rusting on the blades, rub the spot with a bit more oil. This will make hedge trimming a lot easier and faster. Make sure to use an oil that is plant friendly. Else it might cause harm to your plants.

Hold The Trimmer Safely: Hold the trimmer away from your body. Even when your trimmer is off, make sure it’s away from you. While you are working with the machine and it’s on, try to maintain a distance and stay behind the trimmer.

Be Careful Of The Electric Cord: Working with an electric hedge trimmer can be maddening because of its electric cord. An accident can take place if you lose your attention from the extension cord. Make sure you leave the cord behind you so it won’t get cut with the trimmer blades.

Cut Front Face Of The Hedge: Cutting of the front face of the hedge will provide you with a better view. This will help you to maintain a proper shape on the hedge.

Work Slow And Steadily: Don’t rush while using a hedge trimmer. Make your movements slowly and steadily. This will prevent the hedges from getting damaged accidentally. Also you might fall and hurt yourself poorly with the blades. Start pruning from the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Trimming Newer Growths: Go gently over the hedge with a straighter shape for hedges on an early stage. You can go for a sawing action on older and thicker growths to trim its branches. Weave a string on the hedge and it will make a guideline for you to give it a perfect shape.

Clear Out The Tarpaulin: If you are trimming for a long time, your tarpaulin might have filled up. Check on it and bundle up the trimmings for disposal.

Take Breaks In Between: Take breaks after trimming a few plants so both you and your hedge trimmer can rest for a while. Else your hedge trimmer motor can get overheated and an accident might occur.

These are just the basic rules of using a hedge trimmer. You might have to change some or add a few more steps according to your hedge trimmer model. Because all models aren’t featured to work the same way. You will likely receive an instruction manual while buying a hedge trimmer. Read through that to avoid an inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS):

Q.1: Which type of hedge trimmers are easy to go with?

Ans: Be it electric, gas or battery operated, all types of hedge trimmers are popular for their own pros and cons. Though battery operated trimmers are easier to carry than others.

Q.2: Which oil to use as a hedge trimmer lubricant ?

Ans: If your hedge trimmer manufacturer didn’t recommend any specific oil, you can use a good commercial 3 in 1 oil for your trimmer.

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