How to Use Braided Fishing Line
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Seasoned anglers believe that if don’t try braided fishing line or braid yet, your are missing something in the world of fishing. This fishing line will change your fishing experience overnight. One reason why you may still don’t get a touch of this line is most fishermen starts their fishing hobby a with a spinning reel that is set up with a monofilament line. Whatever the reason of missing of this fishing line from your fishing experience, in this article we will discuss how to use braided fishing line in order to help you to get rid of your uneasiness (if you have any) with this fishing line.

How braid fishing line is different than other type of line

braided line  is physically different from other types of line. The line is much thinner. It is not stretchy at all. It feels soft and clearly visible in water. If you don’t fish in extremely dirty water, the fish will easily spot it. The braid is made by weaving or braiding fibers like Micro-Dyneema or spectra into a string. This make the line quite strong and tough. The line is also abrasion resistant. It is highly unlikely that a fish will break braid line. Though sometimes the teeth of musks or pike can cut the braid.

Useful tips regarding the use braided fishing line

Loosening your drag

Keep in mind that braided fishing line is different from the other types of fishing lines. Arguably, the way by which you will use it will be different from monofilament, fluorocarbon or copoly. One assuring news is the braided fishing line is supported by bait casting or spinning reel. While using this line, the thing you need to do is loosening your drag. It is because the braided fishing line is not stretchy. Easing  your drag will help you to hook and land the fish trouble free.

Lets talk about the fishing rod. What type of rod is ideal for braided fishing line? We would like to suggest you with a braided fishing line, use a rod with a pliable tip. A flexible fishing rod tip will facilitate you setting up the hook set easier and will also prevent the fish to throw the bait. Soft rod tips will also help you to loosen your drag and enable you to return with more fish at the end of a fishing trip.

How to spool braided line

Use backing on your reel prior to spooling the primary line which in this case the braided line. Backing will also help you saving your expensive line. Backing of the reel is also essential when it comes to spooling a braided line. It is because the braid will not stick to the empty spool. You must put something underneath of it. If you are new with the term backing it is another line which acts a core filler. But the length of the backing fishing line is shorter than the primary line

Braided line knots

Fishing with a braided fishing line is not possible without 3 to 4 feet of monofilament or fluorocarbon.  You may not familiar with the term leader in the context of braided line. A leader refers to attaching your lure not directly to the braid. The lure is attached with a monofilament or fluorocarbon first. And then the leader is tied to the  braid. There are several reasons why a leader is used when fishing with braid.

The first reason is the braid line quite visible in water. If you tie your lure directly to it, the fish will easily identify the lure.  The leader will help you to conceal your lure. It will also provide some stretch to your line. Another reason of using a leader is if you fish close to docks, rocks or bridges, the leader will lessen the constant rubbing of your line with something. Sustained rubbing of the fishing line will weaken it significantly and eventually snapped it. And the last reason why leader is important is that you fishing only with braid and it tangle with something, it will be a tough job to free it. The only solution will left for you to make your line free is cutting your expensive braid. Leaving braid line in water have also negative impacts on fishing spots.

Now what kind of knot you will use to tie the leader with the braid. In this case, our suggestion is tie the leader with the braided with a simple surgical knot. Although there are other types of knots available, but we found surgical knot is the quickest and simplest to use.

Several Advantages of braided fishing lines

Thanks to the design of the braid, this type of line offers more resistant to abrasion than any other line in the market.

  • The braid has greater knot strength than monofilament, fluorocarbon or any other type.
  • The braid comes with zero stretch which is an important factor when it comes to choosing a fishing line.
  • The braid is incredibly durable which encourages many fisher to pick the line.
  • Another great advantage of the braid is you will not experience no line twist during spooling a reel.
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