how to use an electric knife sharpener

The functionality of both electric knife sharpener and the manual sharpener is similar. The only difference is the users’ convenience. While the sharpening process is cumbersome with a manual sharpener, the electric sharpener makes the process a breeze because the tool did all the hard work for you. In this post, we will discuss how to use an electric knife sharpener.

It is inevitable that a dull knife will cause an accident. The accident could be cutting your fingers, slipping off from your from your grip and injuring your thigh or foot. But when an accident happens we failed to recognize the actual reason of occurrence of the accident. A misconception is primarily responsible for not finding the reason for accident. That wrong perception is many of us don’t know that a dull knife carries greater risk than a sharp knife.

Consider that you are cutting a melon or cucumber. You can get away with the cutting task whether you use a dull or sharp knife. But when it is about cutting a turkey or roasted beef? You need a sharp knife to make the cutting process easy and less tedious.

The utility of sharp knife is it can make equal slices. Learning the cutting process is important since cutting is an essential part of cooking. You need time and patience to learn the cutting process. However, knowing the cutting technique will eventually be helpful.

With the cutting technique, if you know the knife sharpening process, you will become a skilled cook in the kitchen. You will cook faster, safer. All professional cooks have knife sharpening and cutting skill. In fact these two skills are an essential part of cooking.

How to test knife sharpness?

So, how do you test sharpness of your knife? Sharpness test is important before and after the knife sharpening process. However, checking knife sharpness before using electric or manual sharpener is not so important. When the knife becomes dull you can realize it when you see that you require applying much effort cutting something.

However, after using the electric or manual sharpener, you need to check the sharpness of the knife blade to make sure that the knife is ready to use again. You can do the checking process in several ways.

Test with your thumb

Run your thumb smoothly over the blade’s edge. It will give you some idea of the blade’s sharpness.

Test with tomato:

You will not get an accurate result with your thumb test. To get an accurate result, use one of our common vegetable tomatoes.  Slice a ripe tomato with your knife. If the knife slices the tomato smoothly, you can be assured that the knife is sharp enough.

Test with paper: If you are looking for a more reliable test, paper test will provide you a more accurate result. Get a piece of construction paper. Slice it starting from the top of the paper through to the end of the paper. If it cut without getting any resistance that means your knife is sharp enough to do cutting jobs.

How to maintain the sharpness of knife?

Sharpening a knife requires time and effort. So you don’t want your knife become dull too often. You want that your knife remains sharp for a longtime. So, how do you maintain the sharpness of knife?  Follow below steps

Never put your knife in a dishwasher:

Dishwashing powder can interact with your knife and make it dull. So never try to clean your knife in the dishwasher. Instead rub your knife with dishwashing soap and hot water. Let it to dry in open water. Wipe it kitchen towel and then store it.

Do not put your kitchen knife with other kitchen utensils:

Store your kitchen knife separately. Don’t toss it with other kitchen utensils  for example, spoons. Protect your knife blade by covering it with a leather cover.

Use a cutting board: do not select the counter top made of marble or glass as a platform to cut something. It will shorten the durability of your knife. Instead, choose a hard plastic board  for your cutting zone.

How to choose an electric knife sharpener?

To choose an electric knife sharpener, it is important to know what the shape of your knife’s blade is. Knife blades come with a different shape — for example, hollow grind, flat grind, convex grind. The blade shape is important because you cannot put a certain blade into an electric knife sharpener. For example, there is one special style of knives called French knives. You cannot insert French knives into electric knife sharpener. Similarly, you cannot sharpen a serrated knife by using electric knife sharpener.

How to use an electric knife sharpener?

Turn on the electric knife sharpener

Electric knife sharpener comes with different slots. These slots are designed to handle the varying level of dullness. Generally, an electric knife sharpener features 3 slots. Slot 1 –if your knife is too dull, slot 2- if it is slightly dull and slot 3- if the knife requires just simple honing.

Depending on the degree of dullness of your knife insert the knife into one of the slots.

Insert the knife in such a way that the entire knife blade is fit into the slot.

Inside the slots there is a grinding stone. Press down the knife to make sure that the knife blade gets full contact with the stone.

Pull the knife starting from the heel of the knife of the through to the tip.

Repeat the same process couple of times.

Clean the knife with little hot water and let it dry either in open air or wipe it with a kitchen towel.

Store it in separately.









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