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It is thought that air fried foods are healthier, but is it? Other than the obvious use of less oil, how is it healthier than the traditional fried foods? In this article, we will discuss about the customer reviews on air fryers and also giving the information how air fryer really a good appliance for your kitchen.

Fried foods produce acrylamide, and certain foods contain more acrylamide than others. French fries, coffee, crackers, canned black olives, cookies, prune juice, and potato chips. Acrylamide is formed when amino acids interact with sugars when heated. Acrylamide increases the risk of getting cancer. Acrylamide converts to Glycidamide in the body; this causes kidney failure, ovarian cancer, mutations, and DNA damage.

A reputable air fryer website has already made sure that air frying food may help to lower the acrylamides content in your fried foods by 90%. Other dangerous chemicals such as polycyclic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines, and Aldehydes can still be formed with high-heat cooking.

EPA Guideline for Acrylamide Oral Intake

The EPA established in 2010 that the recommended dose for healthy living should be about 0.002mg, so for a person weighing 150 pounds, should have an intake of 140 micrograms, however, most adults are getting about 19% more than the RDA. This factor alone should be cause for concern.

We all know that oil is not healthy for frying as it leads to clogged arteries, high cholesterol and leads to heart disease. Did you know that most vegetable oils are very unstable and highly inflammatory?

Refined oils have increased our omega 6 fat intake and reduced our essential omega 3 fats intake. Omega 6 fats reduce the availability of our much needed anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats in our tissues. Subsequently, more inflammation occurs in our bodies.

Plainly put the Omega 6 fats are undoing the good the Omega 3 fats are doing. This leads to inflammatory diseases and mental illness.

Be that is it may, fried food is fried food and you still need to use oil, but you use a lot less. You can still get that crispy fried chicken with just a small amount (80% less than deep fry) of oil. Manufactures of air fryers claim that you can cut your oil consumption by 75%. I can easily see how as conventional fried foods can use up to 3 cups of oil that is about 750 ml, with an air fryer you use about 15ml. That is a big drop in oil usage.

When using an air fryer, you cut out calories too as each gram of fat contains 9 calories and dietary fat contains double the amount of calories.

Regularly eating deep-fried foods is associated with a higher risk of certain cancers such as oral cancers, prostate, and lung. It is also associated with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, it is healthier than deep-fried foods as it reduces calories, amount of fat intake and other harmful compounds that is in deep-fried foods.

You can air fry broccoli, bread to make croutons and tofu. You can experiment with different foods that are healthy such as deep-fried chicken that equals to 3038, while air fried chicken is 1830 calories, French fries equal to 687 calories while French fries in air fried is equal to 267 calories and chicken nuggets that are deep-fried equals to 305 calories compared to 180 calories with air frying.

Roasting your veggies in an air fryer is healthier as a lot less oil is used while still making your veggies crispy. What makes it work is that it circulates the hot air above and below the food, so the oil and food are heated at the same time and it cooks from above and below. The food is fried quicker, therefore less time is spent in the oil, food does not become as saturated as deep-fried foods.

So, in the end, the results indicate that Air Fryer food is much healthier than your conventional deep-fried foods but it still is food fried in fat, and that’s what most customer reviews on Air Fryer reveal.


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